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ProwessIQ Prowess for Interactive Querying
Most Comprehensive Database on Indian Companies
Financial performance of
47,141 companies
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ProwessIQ keeps your files and formulae safe and secure

Most desktop applications which provide databases on financial performances of companies also provide capabilities to query those databases. Users are allowed to query the databases using the indicators provided by the database application.

Now, most of these database applications provide facilities to users to construct their own indicators and ratios. Users may not agree with the way a particular ratio is constructed in the database application and he may wish to tweak it to suit his/her requirements. Users, therefore, construct their own ratios and other indicators using their own custom formuale. These custom formulae and indicators are stored on the local machine of the user i.e. the local machine on which database application is installed.

Few Database applications also enable users to construct their own sets of companies if they do not like the pre-defined sets of companies available in the database applications. Users also prefer to maintain their own batches, data templates and chart templates.

The traditional Prowess application of CMIE was also no exception. Like other database applications, it too stores the user-defined formulae, reports, templates, sets of companies as well as outputs on the local machine of the user.

This local storage of these user specifications was a disadvantage to users. In case the installation on a particular machine crashed or if the installation had to be shifted from one machine to another, then such user specification files had to be manually copied from one machine to another. There as a danger that Some were these likely to be missed out and then there was the added possibility of them having been copied into the incorrect locations. The user would then worry that their specifications are missing, or had got inadvertently deleted.

ProwessIQ overcomes this handicap or disability of database applications in general. All the user-defined specifications are stored on CMIE servers in areas specially marked for the particular user. The user can login into CMIE’s database servers from anywhere in the world and access his specifications and query the database or generate charts using them. This has come as a great relief to users who used to be constantly worried on this account. Effectively, now with ProwessIQ, the user-defined specifications and even outputs of queries are now safe and secure and accessible from anywhere.

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