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ProwessIQ Prowess for Interactive Querying
Most Comprehensive Database on Indian Companies
Financial performance of
49,599 companies
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ProwessIQ saves time

Database applications on financial performances of companies are widely used in fields like banking, equity markets, transfer pricing, academia and so on and so forth. Analysts in these fields use the database applications

  • to view information on companies in pre-formatted tabulations or
  • to obtain information by querying the database through an interface.

The databases hold different types of information. For example, there is information on annual financials of the company, there is information on products sold by the company, there is information on the stock market performance of the company and so on and so forth. Generally, users need to query on each kind or type of information separately.

User interfaces of database applications are not built to extract all data on all types of information in one go. Each kind of information needs to be ‘queried’ separately.

Analysts generally require multiple kinds of information for their analysis. And, they require information on multiple companies or sets of companies. They have to execute several queries to obtain the information and data that they seek.

When multiple queries are to be executed, there is generally a wait time between consecutive queries. The second query cannot be initiated until the first query is completed. And if the first query is time consuming, then the user needs to wait till the ‘progress bar’ on the screen disappears.

Given that the user queries on the database application continuously throughout the year, the total amount of time wasted as ‘wait time between queries’ becomes quite significant. The user is also unable to shut down his computer or laptop till the processing of all his queries is finished. This holds up the user and wastes his time. The user would be happy if he can fire his queries and shut his laptop or engage in some other work and revisit his database application after some time.

ProwessIQ meets this requirement of users. It eliminates his ‘wait time’. A user can simply initiate queries one after another and even shut down his machine without waiting for the processing of any query to be complete. Once a query is initiated by the user, the processing takes place on CMIE’s servers irrespective of whether the user’s machine is working or switched off. Later, the user may, when s/he feels like, login into ProwessIQ from the same machine or from a different machine and download the outputs and work on them. This saves a lot of time particularly of users who use the application intensively for crunching the financial data of companies.

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ProwessIQ v1.91
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Download your ProwessIQ user interface for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install this software on any computer with minimum hard disk space of 150 MB, Windows 7 or above and IE version of 7.0 or above.

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