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ProwessIQ provides transparency through trace-back to AR

CMIE’s database on financial performances of companies is valued by users due to its reliability, accuracy and standardisation of data captured from the financial statements of companies. It is relied upon and trusted by banks, chartered accountancy firms, corporates, stock broking houses, educational institutions and academic research institutions.

Users of CMIE’s Prowess desktop installation have been asking for a facility to trace values of financial indicators back to the annual report. They sought a link between the numbers in the Prowess database application and the numbers in the annual reports of companies. This link has been provided in ProwessIQ through a facility specially developed for this purpose. The facility has been developed to serve the dual purpose of giving a quick break-up of the constituents of indicators and of tracing back the values of indicators directly to the relevant page or pages of the annual report of the company. This brings in a very appropriate understanding of the data as well as transparency with respect to the sources of the values.

Effectively, ProwessIQ has taken a step to further strengthen the implicit trust and reliability of the users in its database. To provide confidence about the data to the user through complete transparency, ProwessIQ offers a tool which helps the user do the following:

  • It provides the precise page number of the Annual Report from which the value of a particular indicator was sourced/computed.
  • It provides details such as the prompt/text of the value in the Annual Report.
  • With a simple click it takes the user precisely to that page of the annual report from which the value or values were sourced. This tracing to the page of the annual report is available for all the constituents of that indicator.
  • It provides the computation of an indicator with the value of all its constituents.

The tool is christened ‘Expression Explorer’ in ProwessIQ.

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Download your ProwessIQ user interface for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install this software on any computer with minimum hard disk space of 150 MB, Windows 7 or above and IE version of 7.0 or above.

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